How to Hire a React Developer in 2021 [The 5 steps guide]


React has grown steadily since it surpassed 556 million monthly downloads in March 2020. Moreover, React.js offers the desired level of scalability and performance for building scalable solutions with interactive user interfaces. Unsurprisingly, an increasing number of companies are starting to embrace this technology. How to select and hire React.js programmers to take your project to the next level? What is React.js used for? What’s the salary for a React developer? In the article, we will provide you with all the information you need.

React.js and React Native: What is the difference?

Let’s briefly overview React.js and React Native. React.js was released in 2013 as a JavaScript library for web user interfaces building. Created by Jordan Walk, it enables you to make apps with large amounts of data and modify that data without reloading the page. The main goal of React.js is to be fast, scalable, stay simple, and allow coders to create elements that can be used as skeletons for apps.

React Native is a framework based on React.js that uses its principles. It was built for cross-platform mobile app development. React Native enables saving on human resources. React Native was released in 2015 and is built on the React library, which itself is a large ecosystem. It is used by developers to build rendered mobile apps for iOS and Android using JavaScrip. With React Native, programmers who have experience with web technologies can build solid mobile apps.

React.js and React Native

React vs React Native

  • React.js is a JavaScript-based library, while React Native is a framework that uses a set of mobile-friendly components provided by the React package.
  • React Native uses the same fundamental UI building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps and combines them using React.js syntax to create a rich mobile UI.
  • The syntax and workflow of React.js and React Native are similar, but the implementation is totally distinctive.
  • React Native is used for native mobile apps creating that is indiscernible from apps built with Objective-C or Java. Whereas React can be used to make mobile, desktop, web, and hybrid apps.

Pros and Cons to Hire A Remote React Developer

If you decide to outsource React Native development, you have two proven options: find a freelance coder or partner with software companies. A very common option is hiring freelancers through dedicated freelance platforms that connect clients to contractors. The most popular freelance sites to find experts for React.JS development services are Toptal, Upwork,, YouTeam. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks.

➕ You don’t need to commit yourself to a freelancer;
➕ You don’t need to pay a salary;
➕ Reviews will help you choose the best programmer;
➕ You can fast hire and/or fire.

➖ Freelancer is not tied to you or your project;
➖ Freelancers are known to “hide” customers (disappear without notice and do not respond to messages);
➖ Freelance’s time zone can be distinctive from yours;
➖ Freelancers can be slow to respond;
➖ Freelancers have multiple customers and projects to manage;
➖ Freelancers may not be committed to your company’s values ​​or culture.

An Average React Developer Salary in Various Countries

In the table below, we made a comparison of annual salaries reported by users from different Internet sources. The values may not be 100% precise. Nevertheless, this data will help you get the situation on the market.

Country Average salary (Yearly)
📍 United States $120 000
📍 Canada $110 000
📍 United Kingdom $71 820
📍 France $44 284
📍 Spain $35 423
📍 Ukraine $28 990
📍 India $9 843


An Average React Developer Salary

As you can see, the costliest region in the US and the cheapest service in India. Although, the cheapest doesn’t mean the best.

If you require dedicated React.js programmers, know that Ukraine is one of the most famous IT hubs worldwide. This is a nice country to delegate development and everyone loves Ukrainian teams for a list of reasons:

☑ Comfortable pricing policy
As you’ve seen, the rate of a React developer in Ukraine is very affordable for a US client.

☑ Work ethic
Ukrainians are well-known as one of the most trustworthy employees in the world. It’s in the DNA of the country, and an unstable economy makes people motivated.

☑ Good English
Ukrainian developers commonly speak English fluently and have good pronunciation. Typically, IT companies have full-time English language teachers.

☑ Distinguished skills
Each year universities and IT schools graduate developers. Thus, most Ukrainian coders have a degree.

According to Linkedin, more than 10,000 React experts work in the country’s IT sector. Moreover, you can hire a React.js developer with more experience and a wider tech stack for the same or lower budget than locally.

Why You Should Hire Code&Care’s Dedicated React Agency

Code&Care is a well-established software company that specializes in providing full-service software development services for startups and enterprises, including developing enterprise applications with React.

Why You Should Hire Code&Care

We have experienced dedicated teams that provide high-quality coding to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. When it comes to customizing a project, this is an example process we use:

  • Collection requirements
    We conduct a project analysis by communicating with your stakeholders to create a project description, team size estimate, deliverables list, and project roadmap. This helps us put together a list of requirements for finding the right team for your project.
  • Choosing a talent
    We compile a list of the best candidates for each position. Our Human Resources and Technicians screen, skill, and skill tests and select the most suitable candidates for the final interview with you. Thus, we follow all the standard recruitment steps, and the final word is yours.
  • Building a team
    We can usually provide you with developers in a week. However, if the required talent is not available, we offer recruiting services and a five-step talent selection process. The services are already included in the price.
  • We integrate the team
    We’ve created efficient processes to integrate our dedicated teams with your in-house talents, workflows, and toolkits. You can meet new members of your team in person by taking them to your place for a couple of weeks, or by visiting our offices to sort out any questions about the details of the workflow you may have.
  • Results
    You choose the software project management model that suits you best (your project manager works remotely with our team, our project manager reports directly to you, etc.), and you have complete control over your new team.

How to Hire a Freelance React Developer

We’ve combined best practices for hiring new employees into a set of practical steps you can follow to get a React developer who can get the job done and meet deadlines. The key steps are following:

How to Hire a Freelance React Developer

Stage #1. Determine your Requirements

You want to create an app or service. Building software can be tough and costly if not properly planned. Before you rush into hiring a React programmer for your team, you have to analyze the existing state of your company. You have to determine what type of speciality you require, and it depends on what you want to create and the technology that you will use to do so.

Stage #2. Ask CV and Portfolio
First, pay attention to the candidate’s experience, whether they have at least two years of experience with React and have developed various Single Page Applications (SPA). Then, it is important for the coder to keep up with the latest trends and track changes in the React interface. Knowing the latest React-based libraries and tools can be a huge asset as well. Ask for referrals or try to find feedback on your candidate’s work in the community and job forums. This allows you to better understand its capabilities.

Stage #3. Check Hard Skills any React Dev Should Have
Excellent technical knowledge is what separates an experienced React Native developer from someone who still needs to learn more about developing React Native services. Here are a few skills that every candidate for this job should master. Check out the following technical skills that any React developer should have:

  1. Good understanding of pure JavaScript;
  2. Experience with at least a couple of up-to-date technologies, such as Angular, Vue, Backbone JS, in order to have a clear vision of the potential of React;
  3. Knowledge of various architectural patterns compatible with React and state managers based on the Flux approach;
  4. Experience with related technologies such as Node, Webpack, Babel, Redux, HTML5, and some CSS preprocessors (Styled-Components, CSS-Modules, SASS, LESS);
  5. Knowledge of Jest for test coverage;
  6. Experience with React Native

Stage #4. Check Candidate’s Soft Skills
Each developer works in a team. So when you hire React programmers check if they are great experts and nice people, especially if you are hiring them full-time. They need to be communicative, collaborative and be ready to solve problems. Coders need to be able to provide constructive feedback, receive criticism, and generally be open-minded and curious people.

Finally, assure you only hire people who fit your company’s culture. You can find the best React Native developers in the world, but it won’t work if the team members don’t understand each other and don’t feel comfortable with each other.

Stage #5. Onboarding
When hiring new programmers, you need to take this perspective into account and design the best possible experience so that your new teammate assimilates and contributes as quickly as possible. This includes paperwork, clarifying roles and responsibilities, aligning expectations and goals, and making your new employee feel like they belong to you and want to work towards your company’s vision.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire A React Developer?

  • In the US, the average salary for a React programmer is $120,000, or $52 an hour. This data was collected from ZipRecruiter, which collects information from job postings and other third-party sources.
  • The situation in the Ukrainian market is pretty different. Yes, the Ukrainian IT talent market does not full of unemployed React.js developers. They work for outsourced development companies, which provides them with a stable source of profit and a constant inflow of projects to select from. Thus, hiring a React programmer in Ukraine means choosing a trustworthy IT company or cooperating with a freelancer.
  • Talking about Code&Care, we provide our clients with the opportunity to choose the most suitable payment model: hourly rate or fixed cost. Thus, our hourly rate starts from $34.50. It’s billed based on the amount of time the developer has worked on your project. The other option is fixed cost. It costs $4800 monthly. Payment is made at a fixed cost each month (8 hours/day, 160 hours/month).


As you can see, the process of finding and hiring React.js and React Native developers can be daunting. However, considering the growing offshore companies (e.g. Ukraine) and taking into account the above information, you will face less difficulty in choosing the right option for your project.

To make this process even more efficient, you can contact our experts to help you find and hire React.js developers and React Native developers faster and with minimal effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you may still have

How do I find a React developer?

You can find React developers by posting a job listing on traditional job sites, using a freelance platform, hiring an entire outsourcing company, or using technology recruiting companies to find remote employees.

‍What does a React developer do?

‍React сcoder builds user-centric software, usually websites and web apps, using the React library along with other front-end development technologies.

Which React developer should you be looking for?

Look for those who are culturally appropriate for your company. You need someone who wants to learn, interact, and work well in a team. Your task is to discover these hidden gems. How? Start by creating a hiring funnel.

How to start building your hiring process?

Start by identifying the traits you need in future React developers. Prepare your ideal candidate profile. Then list the steps you will require to choose these gems from the crowd. With this in mind, build your hiring funnel. Then carefully prepare for each stage — determine how you will test the candidate's knowledge and his cultural background.

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