10 May 2022

Complete Guide to Legacy Application Refactoring (Part 1): Meaning, Benefits, and Code Examples

You’ve probably come across programs that are useful but outdated and lack modern features. When confronted with this situation, it appears that deleting the program and starting over is the best option. However, it is possible to refactor the internal structure of the source code without changing the behavior of the software. Additionally, refactoring ensures […]


18 Apr 2022

Cross-Platform Mobile Development: Advantages and Disadvantages [A Complete Guide]

According to statistics, the global cross-platform market would rise sixfold to USD 364.54 billion by 2028. Following that, this article will discuss a variety of topics, including why and how cross-platform applications have become a popular option, their advantages, and disadvantages, and why developers favor cross-platform development over native development. Continue reading to discover more […]


08 Apr 2022

How to Create an App Like Yelp: Features, Timeline & Cost

Do you ever wonder how powerful a review is to consumers and businesses? Have you ever considered how a review can influence your buying decision and impact a business? Please take a look at this: according to a survey, over 95% of consumers reiterated that online reviews usually influence their buying decisions. Also, more than […]


28 Jan 2022

How to Make a Video Calling App Like Zoom and Google Meet?

Video calls have become an integral part of modern communication. In the first four months of the COVID-19 pandemic alone, search impressions for website and video conferencing software increased by 500%. The video calling app development industry continues to grow at an incredible rate for both business and personal use.   Global volumes of mobile […]


21 Jan 2022

How to Develop an App Like Klarna: Features, Cost and Tech Stack

We live in an age of digitalization, where all payments, online purchases, taxi orders, money transfers, etc., are made online. Cash and card payments are losing their popularity as one-touch payments become mainstream. Mobile wallets like PayPal and Stripe have been long gone. But advances such as digital authentication and the principle of “buy now, […]


24 Dec 2021

How to Start a Neobank: Main Aspects, Key Features, and Cost

Neobanking is a new trend in the financial technology world, which has exploded in popularity amid the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure their safety, people started looking for ways to buy things and pay for services remotely. And neobanks have become an excellent answer to this challenge. Digital banks do not use branches for customer service, […]