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12 Aug 2022

Why You Should Use React Native for Mobile Apps in 2022

Let’s get down to brass tacks and determine if React Native is good for developing mobile applications. For starters, the massive smartphone subscriber market is expected to reach US$0.54 trillion by 2022, and if you want to cash in on this market, React Native should be your first port of call for any cross-platform app […]


05 Aug 2022

Your Go-to Guide to Live Streaming Shopping App Development in 2022

Social commerce is reshaping how buyers shop online by blending points of inspiration with points of purchase. Live streaming is utilized for many purposes in diverse industries. At heart, streaming content helps people attend events, expos, and experiences that they cannot attend in person. The experience also allows brands to exhibit their products in unique […]


10 Jun 2022

How to Make an App Like Udemy in 2022: Features, Costs, and Tech Stack

While the traditional learning style is becoming more expensive, boring, and more theoretical than practical, digitalization and advances in technology are paving the way for the growth of online learning platforms. Today, most corporations, professionals, and students are turning to e-learning platforms to acquire skills that are not just theory-based but have practical application to […]


10 May 2022

Complete Guide to Legacy Application Refactoring (Part 1): Meaning, Benefits, and Code Examples

You’ve probably come across programs that are useful but outdated and lack modern features. When confronted with this situation, it appears that deleting the program and starting over is the best option. However, it is possible to refactor the internal structure of the source code without changing the behavior of the software. Additionally, refactoring ensures […]


18 Apr 2022

Cross-Platform Mobile Development: Advantages and Disadvantages [A Complete Guide]

According to statistics, the global cross-platform market would rise sixfold to USD 364.54 billion by 2028. Following that, this article will discuss a variety of topics, including why and how cross-platform applications have become a popular option, their advantages, and disadvantages, and why developers favor cross-platform development over native development. Continue reading to discover more […]