Live Video Streaming App Development

20 Feb 2021

Live Video Streaming App Development: A Business Perspective

Over the past several decades, people’s watching habits have changed drastically. The appearance of on-demand video streaming applications like Netflix and Hulu has divided audiences into two parts: those who prefer traditional TV and those who switched to new video apps. It is worth saying that now digital services are winning. According to Streaming Observer, […]


13 Feb 2021

Food delivery app development: tips to save your budget and nerves

Are you currently running a restaurant business using a food delivery app? If not, then you can seriously consider this question. According to Business Insider, the mobile food delivery business was one of the fastest-growing industries in 2020. If you want a piece of this market, then it’s time to go into a trend and […]

Telemedicine App Development

18 Jan 2021

All-in-One Guide to Telemedicine App Development

Imagine that you came home on Friday evening and you are suffering from a terrible headache. What would you do? Will you suffer from the pain till Monday? This situation is quite possible in the world without telehealth apps. Nowadays, due to technological progress, you can make an appointment with a physician, receive a consultation, […]

How to make a location based app

11 Jan 2021

How to make a location-based app tailored exactly to your needs

Geolocation apps are the hottest tendency now. The fame of such applications as Tinder, Uber, Google Maps, or TripAdvisor is the confirmation of this statement. Moreover, the forecasts say that the geolocation services market will reach $157.34 billion by 2026. Why did they earn the love of users? Well, geolocation expands the abilities of apps […]

Video Calling app development

29 Oct 2020

How to Make a Video Calling App Like Zoom and Google Hangouts?

Video calling technology has changed the way we interact significantly not only on the personal level but also in corporate communication. Many businesses in different industries have realized over the years how video calling and conferencing positively affected the work setting making it convenient for people all over the world to connect. As the years […]