Live Video Streaming App Development: A Business Perspective

Table of ContentsWhat are the main types of video streaming apps?Mobile streaming market overviewIs it worth building your video streaming app?Main steps in video streaming app developmentWhat are the crucial features of a video streaming app?Recommended technology stack for streaming application...

Hire Dedicated Web Developers

25 Jan 2021

How to Hire Dedicated Web Developers in 2021

Table of ContentsWhat is a Dedicated Team Model?Web development pricing models comparisonPros and Cons of Hiring Dedicated Web DevelopersIn-house Team vs Dedicated Developers10 Steps to Hire Dedicated Web DevelopersDedicated Developers Team StructureWhat are the Main Challenges when Managing Dedicated Web Developers?Why...
Telemedicine App Development

18 Jan 2021

All-in-One Guide to Telemedicine App Development

Table of ContentsWhat is Telemedicine? Telehealth Market: Trends and InsightsMain Benefits of Telemedicine AppsThe Most Popular Telehealth ApplicationsTelemedicine App FeaturesHow to Develop a Telemedicine App Step-by-StepChoosing the Right Tech StackMonetization StrategiesPitfalls of Telemedicine App DevelopmentCost of Telemedicine AppOur Expertise Imagine that you...
Web development team structure

31 Dec 2020

How to define your web development team structure

Table of ContentsWeb development roles and responsibilitiesThe Bottom Line You have decided that your company needs a website. So, the next step is to hire a dedicated web development team. But initially, plenty of questions arise. I.e., ‘How long web development...
Web development trends 2021

10 Dec 2020

Web Development Trends 2021

Table of ContentsCurrent Technology Trends in Web DevelopmentFuture Trends in Web DevelopmentThe Bottom Line According to the eCommerce Foundation, 88% of buyers look online for information before they make purchases. These statistics emphasize the importance of a website for today’s businesses. ...