How to Hire a Blockchain Developer

27 Jun 2021

How to Hire a Blockchain Developer: Required Skills & Pitfalls

So, you have decided to hire a blockchain developer. Where to start? Unlike the other types of programmers, there are few blockchain developers. It is partly because blockchain is a rather new technology. But it’s also worth mentioning that blockchain is hard to learn. Its complex nature makes blockchain a valuable skill. While it can […]

How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency App

20 Jun 2021

How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency App: Everything You Need to Know

With the advancement of blockchain technology, more and more people began to wonder how to build a cryptocurrency application. In fact, there are several basic ways to do this. This article will walk you through the basic technical and business aspects of cryptocurrency app development. You will understand what a cryptocurrency is, how it works, […]

How to Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet App

16 May 2021

How to Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet App: an In-depth Guide for 2021

Modern tech startups are striving to break down the boundaries between the virtual and real world with blockchain technology that is changing our world. Distributed technologies in mobile applications allow today to integrate cryptocurrency payments along with other internet payment options. You can build a bitcoin wallet to suit the business needs or integrate it […]

How to build an NFT marketplace

31 Mar 2021

How to Build an NFT Marketplace: A Comprehensive and Step-by Step-Guide

NFT is a unique digital item to have demonstrable ownership. Usually, it is used for digital art. Ethereum-powered projects like SuperRare are harnessing the power of blockchain to create digital art that has digital scarcity and true ownership, thus creating a whole new market for artists and collectors in the digital space. Built on NEAR, […]