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Patient Portal Development: Top Tactics and Crucial Elements You Should Know

27 Jan 2023

Patient Portal Development: Top Tactics and Crucial Elements

Technology has revamped the traditional practice of medicine. Medical technology products such as mhealth apps, telemedicine, health insurance apps, patient portal, etc., are now available, accelerating the impact of technology in the medical space. Figures from Statista indicate that revenues from the medical technology market were worth about $384 billion in 2020 but will almost […]

Health Insurance App Development

27 Dec 2022

Health Insurance App Development: Simple Guide to Help you Get your Health Insurance App Development Right

Digital transformation has made accessing basic services like healthcare, insurance, finance, and shopping via brick-and-mortar channels obsolete. Today, most consumers are shifting to online spaces to make acquisitions of certain products and services a norm. As a result, companies are on their toes to shift with these trends to meet consumers where they are. The […]


24 Jun 2022

How To Develop A Mental Health App – 2022 Guide

Everyone has always placed a premium on keeping a sound mental state. The many stigmas and misconceptions about mental illness often discourage people with mental disorders from seeking treatment. Fortunately, the advent of the digital era has brought about convenience through mobile apps. People can now receive mental health care in a safe space without […]


11 Feb 2022

Emerging Healthcare Technology Trends for 2022

Hard to remember another year that changed the healthcare industry as much as 2021. The global pandemic has pushed the sector to adapt and innovate. It also defined the way healthcare will change in the next 10 years. It doesn’t mean that the segment has moved essentially from the path it was on. Digital technologies […]

Doctor appointment mobile app development

22 Apr 2021

5 Tips for Doctor Appointment Mobile App Development

Are you involved in the healthcare sphere and aimed to increase the quality and efficiency of your medical services? Then, the doctor appointment app is the perfect choice for you. First, because most people consider the doctor-on-demand is crucial for any healthcare provider. No matter, if they are getting treatment at a hospital, clinic, or […]

Mobile health app development

17 Apr 2021

7 Points Checklist for Mobile Health App Development

In 2022, most people prefer to solve their problems via smartphones. Healthcare is no exception. Especially in our COVID-19 realities, where almost everything depends on online services. Add to this the increasing number of chronic diseases and use the wearables. Thus, the reason for healthcare digitization becomes clear. This and plenty of other factors make […]

Online pharmacy app development

25 Mar 2021

Online Pharmacy App Development: Complete Guide

Pharmacy apps have taken the pharmaceutical industry by storm. Offline shops have struggled to meet the demand for drugs from the people. These online shops have saved people the time they spend visiting pharmacies. Moreover, they are tempted to buy on these mobile apps as they get great offers and can shop from the comfort […]

Telemedicine App Development

18 Jan 2021

All-in-One Guide to Telemedicine App Development

Imagine that you came home on Friday evening and you are suffering from a terrible headache. What would you do? Will you suffer from the pain till Monday? This situation is quite possible in the world without telehealth apps. Nowadays, due to technological progress, you can make an appointment with a physician, receive a consultation, […]